Creative Elements: Week 4 (Life drawing) Human form and head perspective Research.

Week 4

“The youth should first learn perspective, then the proportions of objects. Then he may copy from some good master, to accustom himself to fine forms. Then from nature, to confirm by practice the rules he has learnt.” Leonardo da Vinci

Once again in “Basic Perspective Drawing” by John Montague, I found some really helpful notes on the human figure in perspective.

I’m really excited by what great teaching I keep finding in the books from the library, it’ll be a shame when this one in particular has to go back to the library for other to gain insightful visual information like I did! I didn’t realise (foolishly) how much technical drawing this course would involve, but I’m really glad to be opened up to it. I can see that techniques like perspective and breaking down forms before adding detail, are a crucial element of drawing that is not only accurate but informed.  I want so badly for my artwork to be informed!


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