Week 4: Life Drawing Homework, Winnie the Pooh studies.

Week 4

Our homework was to take the character reference art of Winnie the Pooh and construct 5 new poses to put him into. I honestly found this incredibly difficult and once again did it wrong…
I didn’t make him 3 heads high, I think I got too focused on giving him expression and putting all his features in the right place so that it actually looked like the character. It was immediately obvious to Mike that he wasn’t the head height that he was supposed to be! Very annoyed at myself that I forgot about the height guide!!

(These were just practising his expressions)

It sounds absolutely stupid in hindsight, but I didn’t really understand the “heads high” concept until now. I didn’t realise that when that phrase is used it means the size of the specific characters head; I suppose I thought it meant just generally three even circles high! Sounds silly, seeing as the word head is actually used but, I told myself I would be honest on this blog and I misunderstood that completely. Learning!!

So I continue to leave every life drawing class dejected about my lack of skills and annoyed with myself because I really do want to learn!


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