Creative Elements: Mushroom World

Week 4

So Lydia made a Pinterest for our world! Which has been widely inspirational because she put some gorgeous stuff there. Here are a few she chose that I particularly like.

image sources:
beautifully lost by *dinmoney on deviantART
globelinus regius

beautifully lost by *dinmoney on deviantART:















I feel as though these excellently capture an exciting, dreamy atmosphere that would work really well for a world like Mushroom world, to avoid it falling into seeming very stagnant and small (since because it’s fungi, it’s so close to the ground). If I’m being honest, I feel like it’s a world that has a danger of seeming very earthbound, which is hard to work away from when we don’t want to dwell on changing an idea (not our task this week!) and we also don’t want to change the hard work of the group before us! So the action plan is to make a small world seem vast and powerful. A secret lost world, that has no danger of being stepped on!

We’re also discussing different types of light to start work on capturing tonality in the world.

 : Forest glowing mushroom.:

image sources:
1, 2, 3

we had the idea that there was a bioluminescent feature to the mushroom world and when the characters are cast out of that world they find themselves in a much darker, desolate land. Now we’re going to get to work on designing those very differing environments with tonality!


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