CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” Presentation and requiem for The Brainy Bunch.


Today was the pinnacle moment for our world within the brain idea, it was the final presentation of all our aims for the world, character designs, environment all presented in order for another group to take it on!

I don’t feel that I express myself very well during presentations, (a daunting element of this course for myself personally) but I felt that we divided the talking well between us simply because we had a lot to say. I also think we managed to get across the message for our world that we wanted. It’s been really great working with this group and for this idea, I’ve experienced how the creativity and motivation for an idea really changes for the better when you gel well with a group and have similar goals for the project. I was personally really happy with the result of my own pieces and our individual work looked really good together during the presentation!

I still don’t know where I stand technically with my drawing, and I didn’t get any feedback on my work in particular, but I don’t think that’s important for the nature of the point we are at in this course; so I’m not going to let that worry me.

I’m actually quite reluctant to let the synapse idea go and move on to another group, because I really do feel that it’s at a really good point for development, it’s an ideology that I’m really interested in, and it’s a shame to not be a part of that anymore!
Though I’m excited to see what impression of the world we have given in order to see where my classmates take this idea in the future, and I’m keen to take what I learned from the work done on this idea and apply it to something new.


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