CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” The Brainy Bunch, Wassily Kandinsky

“The eyes are made for astronomy, the ears for harmony, and these are sister sciences.” The Plythagoreans

Furthering my research on the connection that artists before us have made between art and music, I looked in particular to the period of the late 19th/20th century when this practice was at its’ peak. This was due to the ideology of the time, that literature, sound and art can and should meld together into a sort of spiritual experience, and I feel this is highly relevant to what we want to convey within the synapse world.

Kandinsky naturally came to mind, as music and the personification of music reoccurs significantly throughout his work. Some of his compositions were created specifically due to hearing pieces of music.

Kandinsky himself called his pieces “suddenly created expressions of processes with an inner character”. He commonly mingled and interchanged the words “art”, “poem” and “music” within the titles of his work, his reasonings behind this being that these were interchangeable things, and were so closely associated with each other as to be mergeable through art.

Image result

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) Composition X (1939)

I thought this was a really beautiful way of thinking, especially the spirituality of it. These spritual, ethereal, visual capturing of music as form, is exactly what I want to create with the synapse world and the journey into pure abstraction that is heavily present in of Kandinsky’s work is also something we are keen to incorporate.


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