CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” Project, The Brainy Bunch

Week 3

The Brainy Bunch have truly got a great thing going here.
Although the times we’ve been able to meet up haven’t been many or for very long, I feel like we’ve managed to convey a really strong atmosphere of a world that I’m finding it really rewarding to explore and develop.

In my sketchbook I have been toying with ideas, getting my head around the neuroscientific side of the world, as well as really trying to get a sense of the depth and emotive element of it. Most importantly we’ve been trying to capture what a world that is so about feeling, will physically look like to us and to a viewer. Personally, ideally, I’d like it to be something you could just step into and be immersed by, like walking into a world of  a single pure emotion itself, everything yet nothingness, trance-like, a deep-feeling state of third-eye consciousness. Like Nirvana, but with more science.
Needless to say, that’s a tricky thing to capture in a few drawings.

So we got to thinking how synapses in different halves of the brain will look different to each other depending on which side of the brain they belong to:

Left side: Logical, scientific, mathematic
Right side: Creative, emotive, artistic

So we got to thinking that the left side of the brain would look very mechanical, more logical somehow. Perhaps the suggestion of a more manmade type synapse, informed, clinical, architectural.
While the right side synapses would be much more irregular, and fluid. They would be organic and suggest more natural forms, roots and muscle fibers. Suggesting all these things without actually BEING these things.  It’s really challenging to make them look like these things without incorporating earth-born things. Like the nuts bolts and cogs in the image above, I didn’t like using them because they’re so loudly WE HAVE THESE THINGS ON EARTH, NOTHING SAYS LOGIC LIKE A GOOD OL’ COG, but that’s the clear difference in form that I want to eventually go for.


I eventually ended up with concepts like these that I liked a lot better. The environment obviously wouldn’t always be purples/blues, but I was trying to think about the state of mind that would be affecting the look and feel of the environment. Here I was going for a dream-like, possibly meditative state. Bradley was very keen to incorporate music to keep alive the inspirations we found in Ruttman’s work, he suggested we listen to music and try to draw what the music conveys. I really liked this approach, so I gave it a go and while drawing these two concepts I was listening to meditation music: wordless repeated mantras and Tibetan healing music to try to capture something really subconscious. Deep meditation is such an interesting thing to attempt to capture through art so I really enjoyed this exercise.


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