Week 3: Lifedrawing

Week 3

Despite my perspective book, Mike said my homework was wrong, though I did genuinely try to copy the advice from the book. So quite frustrated with myself! (He said it in a nice way, that I didn’t understand it. I thought I understood it but I failed to visualise the landscape in order to do it properly).

Perspective is hard.

These were my attempts at perspective.. not great, but I did look further into the book and found more relevant things!

So I took these hints and teachings from the book and tried again! (These are with the perspective outlines rubbed out but in hindsight, I should have kept those in)

I think I have a long way to go when it comes to perspective drawing. I find it really hard to visualise the angles of the landscapes without directly copying a base from the book which I don’t want to do, because that feels a bit like cheating. I’m going to read this basic perspective book inside out until I get the general idea because then I can apply it to my worlds for much more dynamic drawings. Mostly uploading these to see my future progress!


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