CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” The Brainy Bunch, my little revelation

week 3

We’re still working on the look and feel of the world, and we delved straight into all these wonderful ideas regarding giving personality to the world too.
It’s been mutually decided that the world is within a brain, not necessarily a human brain, and the environment will consist of the left and right brain within a dome, with synapses designed accordingly to the accepted funtion of the right/left side, separated by a thin water-like divide between the two planes.

We want to keep vague, the things that an amateur designer might get caught up in designing even if they don’t strictly impact or matter much to the world itself. Things like: who or what owns the brain, how that particular person or creature looks/ their personality etc. So the focus is very much on the world itself

I think what I really like about working in a group with these guys, is the fact that we’ve sort of bypassed that initial cloud of restrictive, small-talk-politeness that so often happens in a new group of people working together. One of the main reasons I struggle with group work is because of the rigid politeness that stalls and swallows the creative process. We seem to not have too much nor too little pride in our ideas and opinions and because of that, discussing ideas in depth is working really well. We’re not simply nodding and smiling at any old idea that we’re not actually that impressed with, nor are we suggesting ideas we don’t particularly feel, that are just to fill the empty spaces that small-talk conversation left in the air. It’s saving a whole lot of time and energy.

Every now and again you have one of those moments, where you read something or hear something that changes the way you thought about something before. Now, I’m usually not all that impressed by out-of-the-box, “out of this world” ways of thinking, mostly because I’ve so frequently seen it be too random to the point that it becomes childish or so far out there that it just becomes… irrelevant. However, last week Conánn suggested a particularly interesting out-of-the-box way of thinking that I never really considered, and it got me thinking.

It was one of those moments.

It primarily was the idea of really noticing just how earthbound our ideas are, and to try to step away from that. Not in a physical sense like the actual look of the world, but in a social/political sense. When you start thinking of the social set-up of the world how we assume worlds to be and creatures to look a specific way, an earthly way, simply because earth is that way. We think we’re giving detail and substance to an idea in giving it a climate and cities and things like that, but what we’re actually doing is mindlessly tying it closer and closer back to earth! Consider gravity, natural growth, nutrition, the passing of time, all things we give to our “out there ideas” perhaps without even noticing how earthbound and unspectacular those ideas are. Why do things need to eat? Why does there need to be a social structure or currency? Why do our characters have a sense of pride/embarrassment for certain reasons? Why do things even need to live in other things? Answer to all: because we do these things on earth. Boom. Suddenly every idea I’ve ever had is boring, and I’m desperately excited by that. A world may not actually need or have OUR sense of physics/time/etc, depending on its own developed habitat and environment, why should it?

Our group was mutually excited by this and considered it in depth so now we’re basically rejecting a lot of worldly ties, such as physics and time. We’re focusing closely on something that feels spiritual and ethereal, that explores perception, consciousness; and most importantly the idea of none of these things being very human.


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