CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” The Birth of the Brainy Bunch.

week 3

Groups have been moved once more, the seeds of all our little worlds have been planted and are keen to grow, and I’m now in a group with 2 of my friends!!
I’m now with Bradley, Alistair and Viola. Two of which I know, (the formers) and all of which I am already floored by the individuality of their work and the depth of their ideas.

Bradley was the remaining root of the group before, seeing as the rest of us had come from other groups, and things started off a little messy since the previous group hadn’t quite managed to decide on a definite world. So we started by linking all the common threads of the previous worlds the group had left behind (things like nightmare world, australia world, fragile/glass world and maze world; really cool stuff) and  we made quick work of establishing links between all the worlds to make into something singular and focused. This was so we could keep the substance of the work our classmates had left but make it into something decided that we could move in all sorts of directions with.

I’ve been really lucky with groups so far, and I think I’ll gel really well with these guys:  particularly because our ideas are already so on the same path and like-minded. I personally want to defy every expected idea, every cliché, to try to think far away from the social/physical/scientific structure of our world and find something really out there and unique. It’ll be really challenging and exciting to find ourselves in a place that is so unlike the world we know. From the work we did today, it was immediately clear that the four of us felt the same way about this and wanted the idea to go in the same direction (aka, all and every direction).

We also had a strong common interest in the work on abstract animation and the early origins of animation that we did this morning with Yuan. Specifically the work by Ruttman (1887-1941). His Opus series struck a particular chord among us, we really liked how the movement was a personification of the music that went along with it and we really wanted to incorporate that abstract, flowing fluidity somehow within our idea. An aim to “see music as a painterly movement” in the same way that Ruttman did.

I think we’ve agreed on a cerebral, state of mind world that exists within the neuroscientific realm of the human mind, built up primarily of a forest-like plane of overlapping synapses. It’s quite a biochemical sounding idea with the backbone of it being really scientific, but to avoid getting caught up in too much technical scientificness (a word),  we’re going to give it a lot of artistic license, so as not to have our ideas limited. These synapses will communicate and express themselves through the light and colour that passes through them, a lightshow of sorts, that represents the biochemical transfer of voluntary (movement) and involuntary (emotion) changes in the mind.

I’m really excited about the idea!! It’s an odd sense of freedom to have not a single humanoid character in sight nor anything earthbound to restrict us. I’m picturing vast endless-seeming planes of synapses and dream-like organic forms that move and change depending on the state of mind of the brain-owner.

Things to explore for further research and concepts:

  • What synapses control/do and how that will impact their individual design (emotions, motor function, feelings, states of mind)
  • Explore leftside/rightside brain and how that will impact the personality of the synapses
  • Look into different states of mind (sleep, meditation, mental illness) and how this could impact the environment of the world.

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