Week 2: Lifedrawing (boxes&boxes)

Week 2

Today was our first life drawing lesson with Mike, and I approached it keen to learn, but also probably a little too used to the way things were done in my foundation year.

Our task was to scatter ourselves around the room and draw the tower of boxes that lay before us at different angles, which sounded simple enough but was, in reality, a practice in perspective, (immediately pretty daunting for someone with a pretty fragile sense of perspective).

But ever keen to adapt, I gave it my all and here’s what I ended up with:

I think from the start to the end of what I managed to draw, I did eventually understand drawing the room as a whole for a better idea of perspective. It’s hard to shake old habits, and I’m still drawing fluffy lines and have no idea how any of this perspective stuff works mathematically, but I am beginning to understand the process that we are being opened up to.

After class, I took myself and my lack of any perspective knowledge to the library and found myself a book called Basic Perspective Drawing by John Montague. I know I have a real flaw in my drawing in that I’m not mathematically minded in the slightest (even simple arithmetic escapes me entirely). I’d love to master some form of technical drawing because good perspective is drawing with absolute perfection and perfection in a technical sense is what I struggle with, and most definitely strive for. The book has already been immensely helpful and now I can feel my view on drawing changing and my own approach longing to change with it


Montague, J. (2010) Basic perspective drawing: A visual approach. 5th edn. United States: John Wiley & Sons.

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