CREATIVE ELEMENTS: “Build a World” project, the story so far.

week 2

So we’ve been given the project of constructing, through group work and design, a “new world”, where the environment and its inhabitants need not conform to any of the physical or social structures of the world we know.

I personally find the process of ideation a bit hard to bear, with it all seeming a bit random and the ideas thrown around pretty disconnected and only getting further and further from a solid idea. I’m far too organised for my own good, and I feel my thought process gets a bit overwhelmed and disrupted by a chorus of ideas that just seem disorganised and random at best. However, from observing the 2nd and final year students during the BBC project, I understand the success of ideation, how you need to adapt to it and I am keen to adapt to new ways of working.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Molly, Holly and Maggie, and quite quickly within this group, it was easy to bounce ideas back and forth. Our approach was to pile some ideas on a whiteboard, pick a couple of personal favourites and work on them separately. Then we planned to bring these ideas together later on in the week. I really liked the idea of the Lost and Found world being one which looked like an ordinary shoebox on the outside but opened into plane upon plane of corrugated cardboard cityscapes. This idea was playful and pretty unspectacular, but I enjoyed getting carried away with designing characters regardless.

image sources: Image One || Image Two

I like how the cardboard idea of the “lost toys” with no ties to anything or anyone, having an underlying reflection of homelessness in society, which is what “cardboard city” is pretty suggestive of. It’s just a glimmer of an idea, but I feel if developed it could be a poignant reflection of the very real and upsettingly growing issue of homelessness in Belfast. This was particularly inspired by the article in the second image link.

The second idea I developed personally was my Organic Overthrow idea, in which Mother Nature (whether she’s a physical being or godlike presence) has grown sickened of the human race and its lack of care for her world, the environment. So in an apocalyptic-type scenario that involves a global “natural disaster”, the world and nature are very much at war, and a gang-like animal masked group of nature sympathisers attempt to connect the dying man made world with nature once again.
As I often do, I got quite carried away with character design and creating sub-species in between humans(Sapiens) and almost fully organic creatures(Thickets). I played around with a few of the ideas that sprung from there.

At this point, I struggle to NOT reflect some form of our own society in anything I design, and to toy with an idea that isn’t socially aware is conflicting and new for me. I am naturally drawn to ideas that are ironic and socially aware; those that caricature or reflect certain aspects of this world as a means to highlight the flaws in western society. So that’s where I tend to keep my ideas and designs. It’s both a personal interest and a comfort zone for me. However, I want to challenge myself, so from here I aim to remove both myself and my work from the structures of our world a little more. Exploring a lack of social construct, physics, keeping away from anything that reflects good ol’ western mother earth, and particularly from anthropomorphic beings.


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